Memory Reconsolidation

Memory reconsolidation is a very powerful trauma intervention based on the brain’s plasticity, or ability to change. Memory reconsolidation doesn’t just help you to manage memories, thoughts, and feelings better, it helps transform them so that they are no longer a problem. When this happens there is no longer anything to manage. From recent brain research, we now know that the brain has the ability to delete a specific, unwanted, emotionally charged memory, as well as unconscious core beliefs and attitudes. It can do this at the level of nerve cell connections. Deletion of this emotional learning eliminates symptoms down to their emotional roots.

Since resolving trauma involves working with the memory of the traumatic experience as well as the negative beliefs about the self that usually get created, memory reconsolidation is a very useful part of the trauma treatment. I work this into the treatment using a combination of neurofeedback and EMDR, a combination which I have found to be very powerful and effective.

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