Evaluation Sessions

An Evaluation Session is done after every 20 neurofeedback sessions. These are provided at no charge to you.

An evaluation session is a great time to see where you are at with the training. It is a time to focus on and celebrate improvement and progress. It is a time to reflect on the work you have done and how things are better as a result.

In this session you will first do another QIK test. We will then compare this to the previous one. Almost always this score improves — usually significantly. This is a clear indication of how the brain has changed itself in response to neurofeedback training. We will then discuss what this tells us us about how your brain is operating now and how these changes show up in your daily life by way of improved functioning.

We will then take a closer look at the Symptom Tracking graphs we have been updating every few sessions along the way. This will allow you to see the progress made with the symptoms you intially identified. For most people most of the time there is a dramatic improvement. This is the expectation with neurofeedback training.

The QIK test results combined with the reduction in symptoms provide clear indicators of improvement and functional brain changes resulting from neurofeedback training. Taking all this into account, we will then spend some time talking about how you would like to proceed.

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