Juneau Neurofeedback, in offering neurofeedback as well as other clinical services, understands the vital importance of maintaining confidentiality of information shared in session. However, there are times, mandated by law for the protection of the safety of people and/or property, where confidentiality is no longer required. It is important that you understand the limits of confidentiality.

Information will not be shared with anyone without your written consent. In all such instances, a “release of information” will be provided where you will indicate what information is to be shared and to whom. For example, if it would be helpful for me to speak to your medication prescriber or doctor, you would need to sign a release of information so that I can speak with them.

However, there are exceptions when confidentiality may be breached, as mandated by law. These are the exceptions:

** Whenever there is a reasonable suspicion of child, dependent, or elder abuse. If such a suspicion arises, I am mandated to report it to the authorities.

** When clients present a credible danger to themselves or others (suicide or homicidal ideation). While it is my legal responsibility to report, it is also my ethical responsibility to help negotiate such a crisis if possible.

** Serious and credible ntent to destroy property

** If a lawsuit is brought against me, the guarantee of confidentiality is suspended.

** Treatment documents may be ordered by a court judge forcing me to comply, and this would breech confidentiality. Should this happen, I would do my best to limit the amount and scope of information released.

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