Much more than just talking . . .

Juneau Neurofeedback provides an alternative psychotherapy approach that optimizes brain self-regulation for resolving trauma, maximizing performance, and strengthening physical and mental health.

All services are performed by Michael Brown, LCSW, MSW, MA.

Trauma work is structured around the Component Based Psychotherapy (CBP) model, which has a long history of success and effectiveness by the top trauma providers in the country. The main methods I use are state-of-the-art ILF HD neurofeedback technology in combination with EMDR, memory reconsolidation, CBT,  and psychodynamic approaches. This collection of therapeutic “tools” is very powerful in resolving trauma of all types. These are also very useful in working with anxiety, depression, personality disorders — and much more.

See Services for an expanded discussion and a complete list of what Juneau Neurofeedback can help you with. I offer a free initial one-hour consultation, which will help you decide if our services would benefit you. Please contact me to set this up.